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Stalked:Transformers 2, T4, Rodriguez

Transformers 2 has a new cast member.

Another cast member for T4.

Robert Rodriguez could be heading to TV for Women in Chains.

Rainn Wilson has a part in Transformers 2. Following Jonah Hill's failure to agree on a part, Wilson has gained a role in the sequel. The star of the US version of The Office and Six Feet Under, will play a university professor. The news comes from MTV Movies Blog.

Moviehole say that As The World Turns star Chris Browning, has joined the fight against the machines. He has joined the cast of Terminator 4 as one of John Connor's fellow soldiers.

Robert Rodriguez is trying to get a TV show off the ground. Empire say he has plans for a TV series called Women in Chains. It will be in the "women's prison exploitation genre", and may well star his fiancee Rose McGowan.



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