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Stalked:White Male Heart,St Trinians,Fast and Furious

Cillian Murphy and Eddie Redmayne are joining forces.

There will be a sequel to St Trinians.

And the new Fast and the Furious film has a new cast member.

Cillian Murphy and Eddie Redmayne are to star in White Male Heart a "psychological thriller" according to Variety. It is based on David Harrower's novel, and will be directed by Peter Mackie Burns.

Good news or bad, you decide. There will be a sequel to St Trinians called St. Trinians 2: The Legend of Fritton’s Gold. Most of the original cast should be back for the sequel, and filming should start in January. The plot according to Variety is something like this:

...the mischief-making heroines set off on a treasure hunt after they discover headmistress Miss Fritton, played by Rupert Everett in drag, is related to pirates.

Sounds like a real hoot.

Lastly from Cinematical, Liza Lapira, has joined the cast of the new Fast and the Furious film. She will play FBI Agent Sophie Trinh.



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