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The Descent 2 casting

NeilMarshall.jpgThe good news is that The Descent 2 is now called just that and not The De2cent, also Shauna MacDonald and Natalie Jackson Mendoza are both returning to the sequel, obviously their careers haven't kicked off as they would have hoped.

Strangely though the news is that Neil Marshall is producing, and when he talked at the UK première of Doomsday at the Dead by Dawn horror festival this year, he had no idea what was happening with the film, nor he said did Jon Harris.

However the news comes through Bloody Disgusting that Neil Marshall is set to produce and Jon Harris is directing. I would guess that means Marshall is getting a production role where he gets paid and credited for them reusing the idea, however he was distancing himself from it and did say that the last time he'd talked to Jon Harris he knew nothing about it either.

What's the story for this one? Well Shauna MacDonald's character was the only one to survive the first story, lord knows where Natalie Jackson Mendoza's character appears from, and now she's picked up and is completely incoherent with fear and insanity.

Of course the authorities aren't sure about any of her babble so they take her right back to the scene, which any self respecting psychologist and ill equipped investigation team would do, and they head down into the darkness again for the whole story to repeat.



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