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The Education of Charlie Banks trailer online

EducationofCharlieBanks.jpgFred Durst is best known for being the lead singer in Limp Bizkit, but not everyone knows that he's been getting a lot of praise, and I mean a lot, for a film he's just directed, The Education of Charlie Banks.

Now the trailer has appeared online and it's well worth watching, yes there are a couple of stock moments in the trailer - I like the "Betrayal" line and the slap on table - but it looks pretty powerful. See for yourself.

The film stars such names as Jesse Eisenberg, Jason Ritter and Chris Marquette in a story about a guy who witnesses a fellow schoolmate brutally beat two people. He reports him to the police anonomously, telling only the police and his parents, and never sees him again. One day in college the guy he long forgot about turns up at his dorm and he begins to wonder - does he know that he was the one that gave the statement against him, or is he really here to try and turn things around?

You can see the trailer for The Education of Charlie Banks below which I found through RowThree.

It does look interesting and the trailer does have the premise of a powerful drama, and yet I can't help but wonder why we haven't heard any more about it. Since winning the Best New York film award at Tribeca in 2007 things seem to have been very quiet for the film. Is it really going to be as good as the trailer would suggest?



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