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Stalked: Castings and Projects

Tom Cruise is to be the President.

Jason Reitman is adapting a book.

Christian Slater and Cuba Gooding Jr are teaming up.

And Leonardo DiCaprio could be playing Ian Felming.

Tom Cruise is close to agreeing to star in Phillip Noyce's 28th Amendment. Cruise will play the US President, who discovers that the country is actually run by a secret organisation. Denzel Washington should be playing the head of the organisation. The news comes from Moviehole.

Jason Reitman will write and direct a film adaptation of Up in the Air. The book by Walter Kirn is a satire of the corporate world. Variety say Ivan Reitman will be one of the producers as he owns the rights to the book.

Also from Variety, Christian Slater and Cuba Gooding Jr will team up in Lies & Illusions. The plot revolves around a spy hunting down a novelist, who he believes has millions of dollars in diamonds, previously stolen by the spy's deceased fiancee.

Leonardo DiCaprio is trying to get a film up and running based on the life of James Bond creator Ian Fleming. A rough script has been written already, but it seems DiCaprio would like a fine tuned script before he goes any further. He will produce and possibly star as well. The news comes from Moviehole.



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