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UK and India sign film pact

The UK and Indian governments have signed a deal allowing more film co-productions. The agreement will see workshops held in Britain, for Indian filmmakers who want to make films with their British counterparts.

The UK and Indian governments have ensured that there will be more film partnerships between the two. Variety say they have signed a deal to allow "a long-gestating bilateral film co-production agreement to come into force". Sounds painful. Under the new deal up to 10 new films could be made within the first two years. John Woodward, chief executive officer, U.K. Film Council had this to say:

Aside from the clear economic benefits to filmmakers, the treaty also aims to increase the diversity of filmmaking, giving filmmakers the opportunity to tell new stories that reflect our shared history and culture.

It will be interesting to see what films are made as a result of this deal.



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