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Uwe Boll goes Arthouse

UweBoll.jpgUwe Boll has been talking about his latest projects. It seems he's swapping video game remakes for arthouse improvisation. Alrighty then.

Through The Hollywood Reporter, Uwe Boll's first improvisation film is Stoic, which is based on a real life prison incident. Two prisoners raped and tortured another, before killing him and trying to make it look like suicide. Edward Furlong, Shaun Sipos and Sam Levinson star in that one, and filming is complete. Boll had this to say about one scene in the film:

It all started with a game of poker, where the loser had to eat a tube of toothpaste...He refused and was forced to eat it, threw up and was forced to eat his puke, and things escalated from there...When the actor licks his puke off the ground, he will be seen eating it for a minute, not just a little bit.

The second is called Janjaweed, and "focuses" on the Sudan conflict. It will follow American journalists based there, and their choice between doing their jobs and helping people in need. The film will be improvised based on a treatment by Boll.

For those of us wondering what Boll thinks about the reaction to his films he said:

What can I lose. I got so bashed for my video game adaptations I don't care anymore.

So are you looking forward to Boll's attempts at improvisation?



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