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W could have a Dick Cheney

RichardDreyfuss.jpgW is close to a new cast member, Vice President Dick Chaney could well be Richard Dreyfuss. That means all the main characters would be cast, with Josh Brolin playing President Bush, Thandie Newton as Condoleezza Rice and Elizabeth Banks playing Laura Bush.

The Hollywood Reporter also says that the film has been given a waiver by the Screen Actors Guild, meaning filming can start this month. Negotiations are still ongoing between actors unions and the studios. I like the idea of Richard Dreyfuss playing Cheney. Should be a meaty part with some of those press conference on the Iraq conflict.



Favourite actor of mine so I'm really keen on seeing this come through.

I know he's a great actor, but the guy annoys the hell out of me. I can't imagine anything convincing me to go to this movie with him in what's probably going to be a central role.

There were two movies he did that ruined his acting for me. One was the stupid Bill Murray thing (and normally I love Bill Murray no matter what he's in), and in the other, he stood in for a Central American President or something like that. Just can't stand to listen to the guy's voice after those two.

Oh I'm with you there Hap, my least favourite Dreyfuss films (Moon Over Parador and What About Bob?) and two I've never watched again since.

Flipside - Jaws, Always, Mr Holland's Opus, Fail Safe, Close Encounters of the Third Kind to name but a few.


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