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Watchmen's Black Freighter and Minutemen

Watchmen-Minutemen.jpgNot only is there a new photo from the much anticipated Watchmen film adaptation of the famous comic book online, but there's also word about the add on story The Black Freighter and how it will be released on DVD at the same time as the film.

The Black Freighter was a comic story within the Watchmen comic book that mirrored some of the story and gave an insight into characters and their motivations. Word was that it was going to be part of the DVD release of the film, now though it's going to be getting it's own release.

According to Coming Soon the DVD release will be a mere five days after Watchmen is released in cinemas and will also carry another film in a documentary style that investigates the characters from the Watchmen story.

This is actually sounding more and more as though Zack Snyder has transferred all the additional sections throughout the Watchmen comics - the files, photos, backstory fillers - onto film to compliment the main feature.

I have to say that this is a superb way of transferring Watchmen to the big screen and really does compliment the original work really well.

However, a word of caution. You will be enticed to buy this, then the Watchmen DVD release which will also carry the additional features, then there'll be a Directors/Special/Collectors edition too. So be careful you get the one you want and don't end up buying a couple of versions.

In other news there's a new photo from the production which shows the original heroes for the Watchmen tale called the Minutemen. These guys were around before the characters we see in Watchmen, and they help to build the story of why the world is where it is and how the heroes came about, as well as the relationships and conflicts between them.

You can see the full size image over at AICN which shows Silk Spectre, Nite Owl, Captain Metropolis, Mothman, Silhouette, Comedian, Dollar Bill and Hooded Justice all standing together.

Both the photo and the news that they are releasing a documentary style film to delve into the past and origins of the heroes, really does make me feel that they are getting the Watchmen film right, and great kudos to Snyder for that. Here's hoping it turns out that way.



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