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Honeymoon films

LasVegas.jpgWell we're on honeymoon in California, San Francisco at the moment, but we still have time to think about a feature.

While we were planning our wedding we were thinking what to name the tables, and we decided on films related to marriage, and in particular our marriage. One we chose was Honeymoon in Vegas, because that is where our honeymoon is ending, but what other honeymoon films are there?

Can you think of other honeymoon related films? We were thinking of not only Honeymoon in Vegas but also What Happens in Las Vegas, which is about a honeymoon in a way since they get married and spend the days after the wedding there, happy or not.

Okay, so we're stuck now, as we sip our cocktails in the Mandarin Oriental bar in San Francisco enjoying the piano music and trying to decide where to go for our dinner.

However, can you think of more films that are either about honeymoons, or have a honeymoon in them? Bonus points awarded for ones that are in our honeymoon destinations in California.

Written by Richard Brunton

Edited by Louise McGregor



Congratulations :)

Las Vegas is a great place - I hope you both have a fantastic honeymoon

The last film I saw which turned out to be a dud was Ben Stiller's The Heartbreak Kid, oh it was horrible!


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