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300 sequel in development

300.jpgWhile we're talking sequels to great films, what about a 300 sequel or prequel? Well that doesn't sound so far out, especially as the producers are talking with Zack Snyder and Frank Miller.

Now calm down as they are pretty much talking complete nonsense to start with, but they do say that there's going to be another green screen epic project with Zack Snyder and Frank Miller.

There are some serious hints that this may not be a 300 project, and it would definitely not be a prequel. So it could be a sequel, or it could be something well away from 300 (Filmstalker review).

They also reveal that they're dipping into your pockets again for another 300 on Blu-ray. Brilliant stuff. I hope it's worthwhile.

The project they are working on right now is War of Gods and they revealed that this will be directed by Tarsem Singh who gorgeously directed The Cell and the stunning The Fall, a review of which is coming. One other reveal is that War of Gods will show great battles between the gods and humans.

I love the moment where the American inverviewer keeps saying "Shut up" and they say "Okay, we won't talk anymore" and start to walk away! You can see that happen over at Collider through Coming Soon.

The news that Singh is working on the project is superb, he is a talented director that has made two visually wonderful films, but just not had the commercial success as yet, perhaps he will when you see The Fall.

As for another 300, I'm not so sure they meant a new 300 film rather than a new film in the same mould as 300 coming from Miller and Snyder.



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