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Bad Boys 3?

BadBoysII.jpgAccording to pretty heavy rumour Will Smith asked Michael Bay about a Bad Boys 3 after he'd watched the second film with his son and stated that it was the best film opening ever.

As much as I want Smith to continue with his more serious acting, there's certainly space for another Bad Boys film. They have been pretty successful and he does play off Martin Lawrence well, even if it is just Lethal Weapon Bay style.

Apparently, according to WENN through IMDB and There be Nonsense Here, Will Smith bumped into Michael Bay backstage at the MTV Movie Awards and said:

"We need Bad Boys 3. I was just watching Bad Boys 2. with my son and I told him you can't open a movie better. That's the best movie opening ever!"

Well I don't think it was really the best opening ever, but it wsa pretty action packed. Do you think there's room for another one though? If this keeps up we could see the series running as long as the Lethal Weapon franchise did, and let's face it, it's almost identical even with the characters and their relationships.



Usually I'd be all enraged now at the thought of another sequel. But I'm not, bring it on....But this time make it bit shorter.

please meke bad boys 3 best films ave seen, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence meke a great team, very funny together


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