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Bangkok Dangerous clip

BangkokDangerous-Cage.jpgBangkok Dangerous was a great That film by the Pang brothers. It also became yet another film destined for a Hollywood remake, this time with Nicolas Cage in the lead. Now a fairly gruesome clip has arrived.

I thought the original was a really good film, but the changes that have been made for the Hollywood version have put me off this one. Plus for some reason I just don't believe Cage in the clip. Fire that gun properly will you, you're supposed to be a hitman.

The clip from Bangkok Dangerous is below from Jo Blo, I'll warn you it's more than a little gruesome at the end. Apart from that it doesn't feel like the same film, and I'm not convinced by Nicolas Cage.

In the original a deaf man becomes a hitman, and a good one at it, as he doesn't hear the sound of his gunshots or people begging to live. He also finds a connection with a woman which makes him question what he does. It was a really good film, but the remake has changed a pivotal part and he is no longer deaf. There are also other changes which don't seem to be for the better. The Pang Brothers have also directed this remake so we can only assume they are hapy with the changes. Seems to me it's lost a lot of what made the film in the first place.

Take a look at the clip below, and the trailer is here too. What do you think, worthwhile remake? Or waste of time?



Oh I don't like it. Looks silly and the editing doesn't make it flow. I don't have much hope for this.


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