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Updated: Bekmambetov not up for Dusk Watch?

TimurBekmambetov.jpgTimur Bekmambetov is soon to hit screens everywhere with Wanted, the comic book adaptation with Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy. The first I saw of his work was Nightwatch, the first of a planned trilogy adapted from Sergei Lukyanenko's novels.

Bekmambetov though suggests he might not be that interested in doing the third film in the trilogy, Duskwatch.

The trilogy of books are Night Watch (Filmstalker review), Day Watch (Filmstalker review) and Dusk Watch . I've only seen the first of these as films but it really was something else. The only film I've seen out of Russia, but really high quality, and Timur Bekmambetov made it look visually stunning as well.

It's a rather complicated plot, but it involves the forces of light and darkness and an uneasy truce made between them hundreds of years ago. Day Watch has already been made, and Bekmambetov directed that one too. The plan with Dusk Watch was that it would be made in English. But it hasn't made it into production yet though, and from what Bekmambetov says he may not be interested if it does. shocktillyoudrop, through Jo Blo asked him about his plans for the third film,

I don't know. It depends on what will happen. I never read a script for 'Dusk Watch' and we'll see what will happen. I'm kind of done with these kinds of movies. Not action movies, but conspiracy theory/action/tragedies.

Considering how he put his mark on Night Watch, and I presume Day Watch too, it would be a downer if he wasn't involved in the third film should it be made. It was a really distinctive style, and a final movie without it probably wouldn't work as well. But maybe he's looking to leave those kind of films behind, now he's had a taste of Hollywood. Let's hope if the opportunity comes up, he wants to get involved.

Updated 21/6/08

Bekmambetov has been talking again, and not only is he none the wiser on Dusk Watch. But he seems to be comparing Wanted to Nightwatch. On Bloody Disgusting he says:

It’s a big mess! I don’t know what will happen with this project, Wanted took its place. Wanted became the American version of Night Watch. So for the moment I am not doing this. I don’t know what I could add, how to make it different. Right now it would just be another Wanted.

Wanted is the American version of Night Watch, I find that hard to believe. I'm pretty sure Mark Millar would as well. Guess we'll have to wait and see once it's out. Either he really doesn't think he could do it justice, or he's got Hollywood in his sights. Who knows.



BIG time downer if the third one doesn't get made. Day Watch was fabulous. I highly recommend you check it out. Instead of all the usual crap this time of year, this is a super FX blockbuster that should be seen instead of the generic, big green guy.

I love what Bekmambetov did with subtitles as well. He actually made reading subtitles fun and actually part of the movie. Had this been filmed in English, it wouldn't have been as great of a movie.

Here's hoping we see part three!!!!!

If you enjoyed Night Watch, then definitely watch Day Watch. I felt the first movie was, as you stated, rather complicated, but because you're familiar with the majority of characters, you can enjoy the sequel much more.

I hope Bekmambetov makes the third and final movie in the trilogy, but I don't see why it has to be in English. I liked how Day Watch ended, and seemed like a quite definite conclusion, but open ended at the same time!

I thought the first film was stronger than the second, but lets be clear on this, if Timur doesn't do the third then it's a huge loss for the series and kind of a slap in the face for it as well.

Now that he's received the Hollywood taste it's goodbye to the series that brought hom there and forget the last in the trilogy?

Thanks for the recommendation, I've duly added it to my rental queue, and put it at the top!

It would seem a bit shoddy if he didn't finish the series of films which got him where he is. Maybe he thinks it's a good place to end it, I won't know what I think until I get it in the post. But it sounds pretty open ended from what you're saying.

According to trusty IMDB it's planned to film it in English as Fox are co-funding it. They obviously think we are too lazy to read subtitles! I agree it wouldn't work as well in English though.

I thought Day Watch was a bit disappointing so I don't know that it's bad for them to get someone new to handle Dusk Watch. Like you said, though, Night Watch is incredible.

Just want to say hi hap!

Yeah Hap, I reviewed it down from Night Watch, story wise it was a struggle for anything to progress for some time in the film.

Still I think it's a big let down from the director not to complete the trilogy. They need a better script though.

Post has been updated. I've got Day Watch waiting to watch too, bring it on.


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