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Cage,Brosnan in The Ghost

RomanPolanski.jpgLate last year Roman Polanski took on a film adaptation of the novel The Ghost. Now we know who will be playing the two main roles, none other than Pierce Brosnan and Nicolas Cage.

Off the top of my head, I don't think they've been in a film together yet. Could this be the first Nicolas Cage film in a while that I enjoy?

Roman Polanski announced he'd direct The Ghost after his epic film Pompeii, also adapted from a Robert Harris novel, fell through. In it an ex Prime Minister is holed up in Martha's Vineyard, and writes his memoirs with the help of a ghostwriter. The ghost writer gets more than he bargained for though ,when he unearths a secret.

The ex PM in question is supposedly based on Tony Blair, a long time friend of the author, and the book includes references to war crimes, ahem. MTV Movies Blog has a quote from Pierce Brosnan, saying he's going to be starring in the film:

I’m going to go off and work with Mr. Roman Polanski and Nic Cage on a film called The Ghost. It’s a thriller.

Pierce Brosnan will be playing the ex PM and Nicolas Cage the ghostwriter. It certainly sounds like a good political thriller. Do you like the idea of these two acting alongside each other?



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