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Cameron's Avatar script reviewed?

JamesCameron.jpgNow I'm really not sure how accurate this is, but there's a script review of James Cameron's Avatar online. Personally I'm not so convinced that if they're being so secretive about the project they would let a script get out to be reviewed.

Actually it's not so much a script, it's more of the treatment for the script, so maybe there is a chance that this is real. The review has a summarised write up of the one hundred and seventy pages of the treatment and talks about the plot and the message.

What's most surprising about the short review is that it is pretty negative, and at first I thought that it would be someone just against the film or against the message that the film is going to carry - you know, look after the planet you're living on because otherwise you'll die since there's nowhere else to go message that so many people seem to think is evil and wrong.

Well it seems that Avatar is going to carry that message quite clearly, and even though the reviewer agrees he steps back from that and realises that if the film gets made as per the treatment that it won't do well in the box office, particularly the American box office.

However, I have to pull back from that again and point out that this is a treatment. This is an overview of what the script will be when it's written. It's like a foundation to build the script on, and remember this will be the first draft script.

So from there we have a first draft script, then there could be multiple drafts, then there are revisions while filming, then there's the filming itself, and the editing, and the scoring...how many different opportunities is that to remake the film and rewrite the story? Let me tell you, a lot.

That means I don't think we should be judging the entire film on this treatment. Sure if they made a film from that treatment right now it wouldn't do that well, but that's missing out so many other film making stages and rewrites we'd be doing the actual film a huge injustice.

If you feel inclined you can head over to the review of James Cameron's Avatar script treatment at CC2K through Quiet Earth. I would say that there aren't that many spoilers in it, apart from the main outline of the plot arc and really, that's not going to surprise you too much.



Is this the treatment that was out a year or two ago? It was cool - very James Cameron, a bit Pocohontas for my liking, but hey, I'll see anything the man puts out.


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