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Capricorn One remake!

CapricornOne.jpgCapricorn One is a superb film playing to two very strong aspects, the political thrillers of the time reflecting real life and also looking at a fictional account of faked moon landings. Together it was a cracking film.

We heard back in February of last year that they were looking to remake the film and that the director of Shanghai Knights was on board. Thankfully that's not the case any more, now they've taken on the director of The Omen remake, John Moore.

Of course there's more to John Moore than The Omen remake, he's got the Flight of the Phoenix remake, Behind Enemy Lines and he's working on the Max Payne film and also Splinter Cell apparently. Oh dear, I think I've just backed myself into a corner on that one haven't I?

Word from Variety is that he's directing the remake of the classic 1978 conspiracy thriller Capricorn One which starred Elliot Gould, James Brolin, Sam Waterston, O.J. Simpson, Karen Black and Telly Savalas.

It was written and directed by Peter Hyams who also brought the similarly charged The Star Chamber starring Michael Douglas, and Outland starring Sean Connery, both of which are also up for remakes and interestingly Outland is a remake in itself, and finally a film I really enjoy, End of Days.

It was a great film with Gould playing an investigative reporter who begins to think that there's something suspicious about the Nasa broadcasts from a mission to mars and begins to think that they're faked, and so he starts investigating while at the same time the astronauts realise that once they're done with the mission their lives may well be in danger. Believe me, it's a great film.

So now Moore is heading up the remake, and although that's a step up it's still not great news. I would have hoped for a much better director behind it, but there is a lot of strength in his films. He can deliver pace, excitement and tension well, and I think Behind Enemy Lines is a good example of that. However can he deliver that deep rooted unsettling feeling that came with these political thrillers?



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