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Captain America and Incredible Hulk

CaptainAmerica.jpgWhat's going on with the whole Captain America in The Incredible Hulk malarky? We have the director Louis Leterrier saying that there was a scene where The Incredible Hulk meets with Captain America and there were rumours on who could be playing that part, then that was gone and he said it was within the seventy minutes of the film that was cut that will be on the DVD release.

Now Gale Anne Hurd, the producer behind the film, is basically saying that Captain America was never in there other than a little shot of serum. What?

So is the producer saying that the director is making it up? Or is Leterrier referring to something a lot more subtle than we had at first been led to believe? Who knows at this point, and the real question is who cares? After all if Captain America had appeared in The Incredible Hulk (Filmstalker review) earlier on wouldn't he have just taken out the Hulk and/or Abomination himself?

Latino Review asked Gale Anne Hurd what Louis Leterrier was talking about with the Captain America cameo in the Arctic scene, and rather bluntly she said:

"He didn't really mean the character of Captain America, unless there's something that I don't know. It's the serum..."

They then ask about the Arctic scene itself, the one we have a glimpse of in the trailer and if Captain America was there to be seen.

"Captain America was not visible in that scene."

So what's going on with that then? Really though I don't think it matters. The world doesn't want to see a Captain America doing heroic American deeds around the world, the idea of George Bush in lycra doesn't really appeal to me, even if the news is that Leonardo DiCaprio would be the first choice from the studio for the casting and that Brad Pitt is a close second. Oh, please note that no one has been approached about that, those are names just being rolled around by people somewhere at the studio.

With Tony Stark, SHIELD and Nick Fury all getting mentions and cameos of some description in The Incredible Hulk, do you think there's a need for Captain America in there? Is there a need at all for a Captain America film?



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