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Chris Carter has secret film

ChrisCarter.jpgThe X Files I Want to Believe is out soon, although it hasn't exactly been heavily advertised. Turns out Chris Carter has something else up his sleeve, a film he's been working on that no one knew about.

I would have though it's quite difficult to keep a film secret these days, seem Carter has had a good go at it. And not an alien in sight in this one.

Chris Carter has written and is directing Fencewalker, with filming taking place in Los Angeles just now. The Hollywood Reporter says it is a coming of age drama, based partly on Chris Carter's experience, and has no supernatural elements to it.

The cast includes Natalie Dormer, Katie Cassidy (daughter of David Cassidy), Xzibit, Derek Magyar and Mehcad Brooks. Not many more details other than that at the moment, secretive indeed. Once we know more we'll let you know.



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