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Christian Bale for Robin Hood?

ChristianBale.jpgCasting rumours come in twos apparently. This rumour says that following his role as The Caped Crusader in Batman: The Dark Knight, and then the saviour of the human race in Terminator 4, Bale could be playing Robin Hood. What a nice guy he is.

Ridley Scott is putting together his version of Robin Hood, and Scott wants Bale for the lead role. Not only that but there are some other names mentioned for different roles.

Ridley Scott's Nottingham already has Russell Crowe as the Sheriff of Nottingham, and Sienna Miller as Maid Marion. And we can expect a slightly different take on the Robin Hood story. Scott doesn't have a Robin Hood yet though, but the Daily Mail, through Cinematical says that Scott wants Christian Bale. And they also have another two potential cast members:

Nothing is signed for Bale, but director Ridley Scott is exceedingly keen to cast him. Costume fittings begin next week, so he'll be either in or out by then. Vanessa Redgrave and William Hurt are also in discussions about being in the film, which is called Nottingham.

Christian Bale and Russell Crowe reuniting after 3:10 to Yuma, could be good. The cast for Nottingham is looking great. Can you see Bale as Robin Hood?



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