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City of Ember photos and widget

CityofEmber.jpgI've been sent some photos and a bit more information on the upcoming film City of Ember adapted from the novel by Jeanne DuPrau which tells the story of a city that has been protected by light from a powerful generator for generations. However the generator is failing, and that forces some to try and find the truth behind the city before the light goes out forever.

The film carries some strong talent too with Tim Robbins, Martin Landau, Bill Murray and Mackenzie Crook.

Here's the write up I did on the previous story with the trailer:

The builders who create the city leave instructions in a sealed box that will automatically open after two hundred and twenty years, when they believe it will be safe to leave the city. The box is handed between mayors of the city who don't know what it is for but keep it safe anyway, and when the seventh mayor fails to force it open it is lost.

Time passes as does the deadline, and the people are struggling to keep the generator, which supplies all the power to the city, alive. Soon the city will run out of power and will plunge into darkness.

Two friends, Doon and Lina, discover a clue to something lost, and slowly the uncover the secret of the city and try to save Ember from themselves, and from the growing darkness.

The idea seems really interesting and pretty unique, although you could probably start guessing at the secrets behind it already. Still it doesn't appear like the average teen story, and it does have hints of Bioshock.

The story has been adapted by Caroline Thompson who also wrote the screenplays for Edward Scissorhands and The Nightmare before Christmas.

First up I've been sent a small widget which carries some really interesting information, as well as news, media and the trailer, there's a little section about amazing underground complexes which is fascinating, and a cool way to see how the embedded widget is helping build power for the city:

There's also a couple of images from the film which you can click for an extra large size.




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