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Closing Credits: Stan Winston

StanWinston.jpgStan Winston died last night, peacefully, at home, with friends and family.

For those who might be wondering why the name rings a bell, he's the man responsible for bringing you some of the most iconic special effects images of so many classic science fiction, horror and action films of our time.

Let's talk the Terminator series, and the Terminator from the moment that we first see the endo-skeleton or Arnie operates on his own eye, The Thing, Iron Man, Constantine, Big Fish, Jurassic Park, End of Days, Predator, Aliens, and on and on...all the way back to Manimal.

Stan Winston is a legend of cinematic effects, and ws perhaps one of the few well respected and still sought after effects people who continued to use practical effects over CGI where he could, and I think the films he worked on were so much better for that.

With his passing we have lost a huge part of cinema, perhaps not one that was so forefront in your viewing experience, but one that certainly made a massive difference to so many classic and great films in our lifetime.

The news comes from the L.A. Times through Latino Review.

Today cinema has certainly lost something great, and I hope that his company will continue the traditions that Winston strove for and that they won't be tempted so much by CGI.

To someone who shaped so many visuals of my cinema experiences, and to his family.

Writer, Producer, Director and Special Effects
Stan Winston



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