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Cloverfield sequel on hold

Cloverfield.jpgWell it looks like the people behind Cloverfield are struggling to find something to do for the sequel, and no surprise really since they've already done everything haven't they?

According to Matt Reeves, the director of Cloverfield (Filmstalker review), the project is on hold and they are struggling to find a good idea for a sequel.

Instead he's really concentrating on his Invisible Woman which he calls a Hitchcockian thriller about a "soccer mom" who leads a double life by robbing banks when the kids are at school.

He does reveal that they have some ideas for a Cloverfield sequel, and that they've discussed making it from someone elses perspective and using more cameras, but the real issue there for them is to make something that feels as fresh and as exciting as the original did when it came along.

Over at Collider through Coming Soon, where they have the video interview with him, he does say that anything else seems like it's already been done.

I'm not so sure that just because it is on hold that we won't see another Cloverfield film, but I am reassured that they are holding back from making a cheap sequel...so far. The other day it seemed as though J.J. Abrams was keen to take these guys on another project and not a Cloverfield one.

It seems that no one can think up a truly original idea for the film other than "another perspective", can you?



Is it just me or was anyone else extremely dissapointed with Cloverfield? I could hardly make out anything that was happening on screen due to the "camera man" perspective, which i thought was going to be a good idea but have since changed my mind.

If there was to be a sequel i would probably wait for the dvd release and even then i would probably just borrow it from a friend. Cant really see a sequel doing anything special. Maybe if they filmed it with a regular camera perspective it would be ok. What does everyone else think?


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