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Conan heads for rewrites

Conan.jpgThe remake/reboot/re-invisioning of Conan the Barbarian is plodding along the road to development. It's already moved studios and now there are problems with the script.

The two writers are now having another go, and the studio also plan to nail down a director once the script is sorted.

Conan the Barbarian has previously been played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. The new version has already moved studios and ended up at Nu Image/Millenium. And there's been no shortage of directors rumoured to be involved, Xavier Gens, Rob Zombie and Neil Marshall to name a few. Gerard Butler has even been rumoured as the man to take over Arnie's role.

No one will be attached for sure though until the script is sorted, and according to IGN through Cinematical, that's not going to plan:

Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer are currently penning their contractual rewrite of the first draft.

Interesting use of contractual rewrite, maybe once they've finished someone else will be having a go. They also say that the studio is looking to get things moving sooner rather than later, but that they want a good story first.

I've never been a huge Conan fan to be honest. Any fans out there who want to see this new version, or should they be leaving well enough alone?



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