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Darabont's Indy script real?

FrankDarabont.jpgSo Frank Darabont's script for Indiana Jones IV has appeared online, although briefly before it was taken off in a flash, and now everyone is shouting about how great it was in comparison to the film that was made, and yet when I look at the review I see just about everything that was wrong with the film still in there.

Now there's a few discussions going on as to whether this is real or not, spelling mistakes, camera direction, and lack of changes to the final film would suggest this isn't the script that Darabont would have gotten so mad about having pulled and changed.

It's also odd since we're used to some great stuff coming from Frank Darabont, and yet there's not such a radical departure from the final film.

Now although the script is no longer online there is a little review of it over at G4TV through AICN, and they think it's fabulous, and yet everything I thought was wrong with it is still there.

Now watch out because there are going to be spoilers here, there's nothing I can do, so if you haven't seen Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (Filmstalker spoiler free review), then you should read no more. If you're still keen...

The crystal skull is there, the lost city, the aliens, the nuclear explosion, the fridge, Area 51, the ant scene (and although I haven't read it yet perhaps all the animal scenes - gophers, monkeys), and so on, however there are some differences that appear rather strong and positive.

For instance Marion Ravenwood has much more of a character development and a better role than simply driving, screaming Indy and smiling. The character of Oxley isn't a flat cardboard foil for Indy to get frustrated against and delay the plot, and the biggie, Mutt isn't there at all, now that would have been a welcome change.

That said the big sequences that really detracted from the feel of Indy are apparently there, and the love of this version of the script is divided. I'll reserve judgement until I read it, but right now I'm really not convinced that this is Frank Darabont's script, of course I could be wrong - what do you think?

Update: I have found a few links for the script dotted around the interflab and on AICN comments section: right here, here, here, here and over here at Pirate Bay in PDF format.

Now if you want it you might want to get it fast because I'll probably be asked rather forcibly to remove these links in a few moments!



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