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David Duchovny wants more X Files films

DavidDuchovny.jpgTen years after the first X Files film, we are not too far away from the release of The X Files I Want to Believe. However before it's even released, David Duchovny has been talking about the potential for more X Files films.

With Richard's latest feature looking at rebooting franchises, could The X Files turn into a regular film franchise?

The X Files I Want to Believe is released this summer, and has the old crew back including Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz. David Duchovny has been talking ahead of the release and says that he wants more films to be made, and that this has always been the way he saw The X Files franchise going.

"I know it took me about a year to feel whole after the show was over. After that point I was ready, and it was always my intention, my desire, that the show would continue on in movie form.

He was speaking to Wizard Magazine through Bloody Disgusting. When asked if that meant we could be in for a series of films, he said:

I wouldn't see any reason to do it unless it were. It's a serial show by its nature. The frame and the characters throw off an infinite number of stories and situations, it's a classic, archetypal relationship., with a believer and a nonbeliever, with this kind of unrequited love in the middle of it, and it all works. And that can work forever as long as your stories are good.

With the new film being a standalone plot, separate from the alien conspiracy theory that dominated the TV series, they could easily do more films. I guess we have to wait and see what the new film is like. It would take a lot of talking to get The X Files films to be a regular gig though. Gillian Anderson was commenting recently how she felt she was "too old", that the stunts were far more exhausting. Plus she is now expecting another child, so her workload will be lessening if anything.

Assuming they did decide to carry on, will the fan base that made the TV series so huge over 10 years ago still be around? And how could they keep the franchise going with occasional films every few years? If they did carry on, would you rather they continued the alien conspiracy theory, instead of individual plots? I agree with Duchovny that as long as the story is up to scratch it's possible, but how long could they realistically continue?



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