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Death Note remake next

DeathNote.jpgVertigo are really proving themselves to be the Asian remake kings as they head for another film, Death Note aka Desu nôto, a film and animated television series from 2006, the film of which was just released in the UK in April following a release in France in January and of course Asia in 2006.

The film tells the story of a young man who comes into the possession of a notebook which carries with it the power to kill by the mere writing of a name and so he decides to use the book for the forces of good and murder only criminals.

However the world's greatest detective, known only as "L", is hired to find and stop the person who's responsible, and soon the world will see the greatest minds at battle for the power of the book and of the world itself.

I feel like going "Moohahahaha!" after writing that Death Note blurb, I could hear the music rising behind me as I typed!

Word from Vertigo through Bloody Disgusting is that the film has been picked up for a US remake and that Vlas Parlapanides and Charley Parlapanides are set to write the story.

Vlas Parlapanides has previously written a short and a film that he has also directed and starred in, while Charley Parlapanides has two projects in production working alongside his brother. So far there's not much to go on although the short and the film have received some good scoring on IMDB.

I doubt this is going to be another huge Asian remake, but it's definitely got an interesting story and could deliver something a little different. At least the original live action film has been out for a few years already.



oh nooo!!!!
they are going to ruin death note!!!
I mean, who the hell will they cast as L!?!


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