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Death Race trailer

DeathRace.jpgTrailer are coming thick and fast, next up is one for Death Race starring Jason Statham. The remake of Death Race 2000 comes from Paul W.S. Anderson.

Some of the details have changed from the original, but it still looks like decent fun. It will have had a summer of blockbusters before it though, so it's got a lot to live up to.

Death Race moves the race in to prison, and further in to the future meaning more pimped out cars. But unfortunately the old points system has gone, damn.Jason Statham is the expert racing driver turned prisoner, who ends up in the race to try and gain his freedom. Also starring are Tyrese Gibson, Joan Allen, Ian McShane and Natalie Martinez. You can see the trailer on Yahoo Movies, through Cinematical.

What you you reckon, surprise late summer hit, or not looking so hot?



Oh my lord! I'm shocked and stunned. That looks fantastic!

I almost want to say freaking awesome dude...and I'm Scottish! Okay...I did say it!


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