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DiCaprio playing Atari onscreen

Atari.jpgHere's some strang casting news that I'd never expect, Leonardo DiCaprio is going to appear in a videogame based film. Well, sort of. It's not the adaptation of a videogame, but the life story of one of the industry's most influencial figures, Mr Atari, Nolan Bushnell.

Bushnell was the creator of Atari, and therefore he can be called one of the founding members of the videogame industry that we know today, and the biographical script has been bought by Paramount for big screen glory with DiCaprio attached to lead.

Brian Hecker and Craig Sherman wrote the script of the man's life which Variety tells us was being chased by a number of other buyers. However it was these two that convinced Bushnell that they could bring the right story to the screen.

Hecker previously wrote Bart Got a Room which starred William H. Macy and Cheryl Hines, a comedy which seems to have received some positive responses on IMDB, while Sherman (I'm not entirely sure of the IMDB credit) wrote the comedy New Suit. So I'm guessing here that we could well be looking at a comedy.

Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney founded Atari Inc. in 1972, I was just two and didn't realise the affect these people would have on my life, much less everyone elses. That's when they started making the classic games from PONG, Gauntlet, Paperboy, Breakout, Centipede, Dig Dug, Missile Command, Pole Position, and so many more, and not forgetting those all important Atari consoles.

It does surprise me that the story has gathered Leonardo DiCaprio, and particularly at this early stage. However it must suggest that there's something strong in the script, apart from the chance to play another huge cultural icon.



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