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Disaster Movie trailer

DisasterMovie.jpgThe trailer for Disaster Movie is here, although you may wish it wasn't. Yes, the people responsible for bringing us the Scary Movie films and Meet the Spartans have turned their attention to the disaster genre.

I've never found these films funny, doesn't look like this one is any different. Must be a difficult job stealing other people's characters and then putting them in "funny" situations.

Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer have brought us Disaster Movie. This time the unsuspecting people involved find themselves the victim of natural disasters and other catastrophic events. Up for ridicule this time are Hulk, Iron Man, Juno and Sex and the City. If these films are your bag, the trailer is below from Jo Blo.



Meet The Spartans was quite easily one of the worst movies I have ever seen so you better believe Ill be avoiding this movie like the plague.

Okay they're using the same joke again and again...superhero gets hit with something unexpectedly, and what's disasterous about Sex and the City or Juno. Well okay I get what is about Sex and the City.

This series has degenerated into just a series of short scenes of the same jokes about new films. There's not much intelligence in it anymore, and not much humour.

Personally I would welcome the plague over this!

I confess a soft spot for Disaster Spoofs like 'Airplane' and (it's less well know forerunner) 'The Big Bus' but this spoof appears to be just a plain disaster in the worse possible way.

It's more like a skit they put together for the Oscar show only without being funny!

Oh man I loved The Big Bus!

I think I might have sniggered once when watching a trailer for one of the Scary Movie films. Other than that, not bothered.

I have to confess to never having heard of The Big Bus. I'm off to research!


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