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District 14 in the making

District13.jpgDistrict 13 or Banlieue 13, was a French film which combined the activity of parkour with an action film. David Belle the founder of parkour had a role in the film, with Luc Besson writing and producing.

We could be seeing a sequel to the film which may or may not be called District 14. Apparently a casting call has been spotted looking for practitioners of parkour for a sequel.

Parkour or free running is the art of getting from one place to the other, using only the human body. That means overcoming walls, buildings and anything that's in the way. If you've seen it you'll know that it looks physically demanding. It's become trendy, hell Madonna nabbed the idea for one of her videos so it must be fashionable. And one of the terrorist scumbags in Die Hard 4.0 was dab hand at it.

Luc Besson and Pierre Morel used the idea as part of their film District 13 (Filmstalker review). I haven't seen it yet but Richard has. The premise of the film being that the District in question, has been shut off from the rest of Paris due to gangs and violence. For more information read Richard's review.

The latest news is that Luc Besson is planning a sequel, but without Pierre Morel directing. Twitch say that the casting call is out, but no word on if David Belle will be back again. This film always interested me, I just never had the chance to see it. Might have to now before a sequel comes along, filming is due to start next month. Any one out there who has seen it? Is a sequel a waste of time, or a good idea?



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