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Downey Jr to be Sherlock Holmes?

RobertDowneyJr.jpgRobert Downey Jr is in vogue these days. Iron Man has capped off a great comeback from his well documented personal problems, and now he's now being offered all kinds of roles.

The next one he's rumoured to be interested in, is Sherlock Holmes in the recently announced Guy Ritchie film. Wow, didn't see that coming.

Hugh Hefner just the other day stated that he wants Robert Downey Jr to play him in a bio-pic of the early Playboy days. And now Downey Jr reportedly has his eyes on London's famous fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. The news comes from Hollywood Insider through Cinematical.

I was surprised enough when Guy Ritchie was announced as the director, but Downey Jr as the man himself? Strange. Not sure I can see it to be honest, maybe it's one of those so strange it might work castings. And shouldn't Sherlock Holmes be British? But hey, I wouldn't want to start an argument about Americans being under represented in British detective films. So I'm open to all potentials.

Is Robert Downey Jr the right man to play Sherlock Holmes? Is there someone else out there who would fit the bill better?



I suspect this would be like casting Heath Ledger for the Joker. Many think it would not work. The few who think it would will be vindicated when he pulls it off.

Yeah I reckon it would probably be in the so strange it works category. It would probably depend on the accent. He's done an English accent before in Chaplin, but having never seen it I'm not sure how good it was. It wouldn't surprise me if it was spot on though.

I can see it, I think it's likely to be a close match and does sound like the Heath Ledger - Joker casting.

Still, I do find myself a little concerned that he won't quite be able to carry the intensity and intelligence that Jeremy Brett had in the television series without wanting to put a little, light hearted and wry twist on it.


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