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The Echo remake trailer

TheEcho.jpgI really enjoyed Yam Laranas' Sigaw (Echo) when I saw it, indeed I feel priviliged to have a signed copy sitting in my DVD rack because it's a creepy and atmospheric film that shows this writer/cinematographer/director has bags of talent to make the simplest film seem creepy - he even made a mobile phone short that give me the willies!

Now he's been taken on by the producers of The Grudge, The Ring and The Departed, the Hollywood Asian remake machine that is Vertigo, and allowed to co-write and direct an English version remake, and from all accounts he's made it even better. See for yourself with the trailer right here.

You can read the review for the original right here on Filmstalker, don't be fooled by the three stars, that was a DVD review and the official release had a poor transfer with no extras, however the film itself was excellent, atmospheric and terrifically spooky.

The question is will it, and Yam Laranas, hold up to the Hollywood remake machine and manage to bring that power behind the camera into this version of The Echo. I did ask Laranas a little while ago if he was finding working in Hollywood tougher and if he was managing to create his vision, and he did say that this film was allowing him to do what he wanted to in the first and couldn't. So by all accounts this could be even better than the original - a film I suggest you try and see.

This new film stars Jesse Bradford in the lead, Kevin Durand and Pruitt Taylor Vince, as well as Iza Calzado from his first film, so there's an interesting mix of casting in there too.

So enough about the film already, get yourself into the dark and moody trailer from Twitch and keep abreast of the production over on Laranas' blog.



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