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New Eden Log trailer

EdenLog.jpgEden Log has a new trailer online, and I wish I could say it was all a lot clearer, but it isn't really. It does look like a pretty good science fiction thriller, but details are a bit sketchy from the trailer.

It has a bit more to it than the last trailer we saw, but I'm thinking it's quite good to not have the whole thing explained early on.

The new trailer for Eden Log is on latemag. It's a French sci fi thriller by Franck Vestiel. The plot sounds like this:

A man regains consciousness at the bottom of a cave. Tolbiac has not got the slightest idea what events brought him there, nor what has happened to the man whose corpse he discovers next to him. The only way to escape the creature that pursues him: climb to the surface through a series of paths with the atmosphere of a graveyard, abandoned by a mysterious organization: Eden Log.

The trailer as I say doesn't give too much away, but it does look really dark and atmospheric. Have a look and see what you think.



I saw Eden Log last night, based on the synopsis on the back of the DVD, and the cool looking image on the front. My god was I disappointed. This must be the second worst film I have ever seen, the first being Hatchet... The "Awesome special effects" were probably quite good back in the early 80's and the acting was appalling and rather embarrasing. I don't know how they arrived at the synopsis on the back of the DVD, but it is totally misleading.

what a waste of money and time - I did sit through the whole film, in the hope that something would happen - mainly hoping that what was being displayed on my tv was a university project that someone in the film was watching - however this obviously proved not to be the case, and I am just gutted that I spent any money on the electricity to view this film. I could have bought a fudge bar and been far more satisfied for a lot longer too.


Wow, that's harsh. I caught it on Sky, and while I don't think that it was the best film, or lived up to the hype, it certainly wasn't awful.

There were some interesting surprises at the end, but they were poorly handled and lacked the punch that they should have had.

Still, some of the effects and stylistic choices on the way there were pretty good, and remember it's low bidget.


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