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EIFF 2008 winners announced

EIFF.gifThe award winners have been announced at the slightly earlier than normal, 62nd Edinburgh International Film Festival, and unfortunately none of them are films I saw and therefore would have voted for. I'm sure if I had seen them I would have voted for them!

One of the most important awards is the Audience Award, the one that people vote for after watching the very films. However what I find slightly skews this is that those going to see a film are already predispositioned to like that film, after all they've chosen it and decided to pay over the odds to see it.

So it doesn't really compare film to film, it shows how well each film compared to the expectations of audience who wanted to see it.

However, that aside, here are the winners from the EIFF this year. These, alongside the four, five star and recommended films from Filmstalker are the ones you should look out for in the coming year.

Michael Powell Award for Best New British Feature Film, sponsored by the UK Film Council
SOMERS TOWN – Directed by Shane Meadows

PPG Award for Best Performance in a British Feature Film

Standard Life Audience Award
MAN ON WIRE – Directed by James Marsh

Best Documentary Award
ENCOUNTERS AT THE END OF THE WORLD – Directed by Werner Herzog

Skillset New Directors Award

UK Film Council Award for Best British Short Film
SON – Directed by Daniel Mulloy

European Film Academy Short Film 2008 - Prix UIP
2 BIRDS – Directed by Rúnar Rúnarsson

Scottish Short Documentary Award supported by Baillie Gifford
CHRISTMAS WITH DAD – Directed by Conor McCormack

McLaren Award for New British Animation in partnership with BBC Film Network
SPACE TRAVEL ACCORDING TO JOHN – Directed by Jamie Stone & Anders Jedenfors.

Mirrorball Best British Music Video Award
HAPPINESS (Goldfrapp) – Directed by Dougal Wilson

Well done to all the winners.



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