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Roth says no to Hostel 3?

EliRoth.jpgSince Hostel 2 was completed we have been waiting for news on Hostel 3. The latest news says that the studio has begun official talks on Hostel 3. However, it looks like Eli Roth will not be coming back for more.

I really liked the first, but thought they missed a trick in the second. What would Hostel 3 look like without Eli Roth?

Following Hostel II (Filmstalker review) there seemed to be some mixed messages about whether Eli Roth would be involved in a third film. Early reports said he probably would be, but then it seemed to be that he wasn't interested. Firstly he said that Hostel II was the end and he didn't want to take it any further, and he also agreed with Richard at the time that trilogies can be lame.

Not much has been heard since then, we've all been waiting for news on Hostel III. But Bloody Disgusting say that official talks have begun for Hostel III. They also updated the story to say that Eli Roth will not write or direct. Given the last we heard from him I guess it's no surprise, but I certainly had held out hope that if there had to be a third that he would do it.

Looks like it's not to be. I can't say I have a huge appetite for a third Hostel film. I really enjoyed Hostel (Filmstalker review), it had elements of suspense/thriller and horror. I thought the second missed a great opportunity though, wouldn't it have been better to explore the organisation behind the killings more? Once the unlucky girls were in the factory it plodded into usual sequel territory, for me anyway.

What about you, are you interested in Hostel 3 without Eli Roth? Is there an original idea that could make a third decent? Or should they just call it quits?



I think the only real way to do Hostel 3 is by making it a prequel to the first film. Maybe show the origins of the organization. Just a thought.

Good thought though Buzz. I think you're right, I can't see how they can go with a third, unless they really did show everything about the organisation and nothing about a group of people getting kidnapped and tortured.

I think they could do the third where that girl in the last one now shes a member try's to bring the organisation down somehow and goes on a tourtueing frienzy with all the top bods of the organisation

I agree with the above poster, I think that it would be extremely satisfying for the audience and fans of the Hostel films to see those responsible for the farming of innocent humans, made to suffer in the same way...maybe the girl who survived Hostel 2, could orchestrate these events. She has the money, and the guile....especially that bitch who has the bloodbath....man I would love to see her pay her penance...also the guy who is the head of the organisation...all of the fuckers...shit, I might even write a screenplay! I think that this would be the best premise for a third and final film in the series. Come on guys, revenge is sweet, and can be just as bloody!!

Hostel I was amazing and II was pretty good but fairly obvious. As a backpacker to unusual places myself I found these films dark, intense but left me wanting more! Unfortunately though I think a third would just be pathetic, like the Saw films (first was great but the other 69,000 are just pure dribble). Perhaps a film from a completely different tangent which taps into the Hostel ethos towards the end may work but if things ain't broke, why fix them?


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