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Fans decide Hulk 2 villain?

LouisLeterrier.jpgIt seems that if Louis Leterrier is to get the job of directing the sequel to the second in the Hulk franchise, or the first if you are ignoring Ang Lee, he's going to let the fans decide the villain for the film, and note he does say the singular villain.

Bearing in mind that the continued back and forth about the Captain America cameo in The Incredible Hulk (Filmstalker review) is making us wonder who is telling the truth, Leterrier seems keen to point out that the fans will have their say come the second film.

However watching history on Marvel films I'm not so sure that he'll manage to have the sway that he wants, unless he gets the big name stars behind him again pushing his corner. After all look at what happened to Sam Raimi's third Spider-Man, crushed by the weight of villains who the studio pushed for.

Yet let's pretend that the studio aren't interfering and we'll imagine that Louis Leterrier gets to signed up to make the film he wants, and then he still turns round and asks the fans. Well if all that happens according to the man himself through MTV Movies Blog he'll be asking the fans who they want, The Leader or Doc Samson.

Well he says he'd go to ComicCon and ask the fans and later says he'd "listen to the fans". That doesn't necessarily mean that he'd do it, he'd just listen to popular opinion. So I guess what you have to do is push that opinion - who would you want to see fighting the Hulk next time around?

"Both are very interesting. [But] there’s something unstoppable about [Leader] and it’s just not the same thing. It’s just different...The fact that he controls stuff with his mind, I just like that."

He certainly would like The Leader then. I don't think pushing things around with your mind is such a great power, the part where he can control people and make them do what he wants, now that's an interesting aspect to the character.

Who would you want to fight the Hulk next, and is it either of them? Leterrier is also suggesting that the Hulk could be the villain in the Avengers film should that director want to take the story down that route, after all that's why he left the film the way he did. What do you think?



Ben Grimm from the Fantastic four of course! I loved seeing superheros battle it out when I was a kid.


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