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Favreau names The Avengers

JonFavreau.jpgThe Avengers film is still three years away, and no one has been given the job of directing it yet. But Jon Favreau has spilled the beans on the characters that will appear in The Avengers film.

Considering how close it's release is to Iron Man 2, Jon Favreau may be out of the picture, but maybe he knows something we don't.

Or maybe he's just confirming what we had all kind of guessed about The Avengers. Speaking to USA Today at the weekend, through Comic Book Movie, Jon Favreau said the following about Marvel's plans.

...the ones Marvel is talking about now are Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Ant-Man and Iron Man. I would love to see that.

Going by Marvel's release schedule that makes perfect sense, with an Ant-Man film set for 2010. An individual film for each and then The Avengers. The fact they are rushing along an Iron Man sequel will probably mean Favreau can't direct it though. And what about an Incredible Hulk sequel if they have one. I can see The Avengers being a huge film, but mostly if they get the actors from the recent film all together. Not sure how possible that will be though.

Would you be interested in a newly cast Iron Man or Hulk for The Avengers? Is there another Avenger you'd rather see. I quite like the idea of The Hulk being an enemy of sorts, like in The Ultimates, not sure they'll go for it though.



Just watched Stop-Loss and it got me thinking Ryan Philippe would be perfect as Captain America,if he bulked up a bit that is.I never really liked him in anything before but his portrayel of a war hero in Stop-Loss is definitely worth a look.Well the Avengers roster has been ever changing over the last 40 years but the most memorable members are Captain America,Thor ,Iron Man,Hulk,Hank Pym(has 3 diffrent alias'-Ant Mam, Giant Man or Yellow JAcket),his wife Janet Pym-The Wasp ,Luke Cage,SpiderMan,SpiderWoman,Halk Eye,She-Hulk, Marvel Girl,Hercules,The Vision,Black Widow ...etc etc...

The way they have been working toward The Avengers movies with the brief clips in Iron Man and The Hulk have set up some would-be disappointment for me if Downey and Norton don't fill those roles.

Ryan Philippe, now I like that idea. He's got the look for sure, other than as you say the physical build. It'll be difficult for them to find someone who can act and is the right build though. I'd rather they went for acting talent over braun. Plus they really could go crazy with that line up!

It'd be a bit of a downer if Downey Jr and Norton weren't in it. Not sure what the point of all these cross overs would be, if they don't get them all together in one film. Schedulers nightmare I'd imagine...


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