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Final WALL-E trailer online

WALL-E.jpgThe final WALL-E trailer has appeared online, and I'm getting a lot of hassle from my wife over this. I'm getting to see a screening at the Edinburgh International Film Festival on Thursday 26th and she's dying to see it.

Oh well, she'll have to wait a little longer, as will everyone else, but here's the final trailer to ease the pain and raise the excitement until then.

WALL-E is the story of the last remaining cleaning robot left on Earth to clean up the mess that humankind has left behind in the hopes that one day humans can return to Earth again. However something special has happened with this last remaining robot, you see it's found a personality and become self aware.

So when another robot arrives on the planet he's overcome with joy, and something new, love.

The trailer can be seen right here, and it looks fantastic, filled with everything you could want in a film and more:



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