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Genesis in cinemas and on DVD

GenesisWheninRome.jpgI usually just write about feature films, but we're seeing a change in cinemas, a change where they're starting to show more and more non-features. Not only is a UK chain showing Formula 1 Grand Prix's this year, but we're seeing more and more concerts, and that's just what you can do.

If you like Genesis then you can head to your cinemas on the 9th of June and watch their spectacular show When in Rome 2007, one of the best shows on their recent reunion tour, and I have the dates and venues.

One of my friends went to see the concert (a number of times) for real and then went to watch it when it was shown in UK cinemas, and he was amazed. In many ways he said it was better than the concert itself as you were treated to a superbly mixed digital track and some stunning views that you didn't get from being in the audience. Of course those were broadcast live, but this is the next best thing.

The concert being shown is not just the concert though, it's a one time showing of the David Mallet concert DVD which is heading to stores on June the 10th. It's a fantastic box set and I'm hoping to have one for review and maybe even a couple for competition giveaways.

To get a flavour of the music on offer, here's a short audio taste of Genesis When in Rome: Quicktime, Windows Media Player and Real Player.

Here's a short write up of the concert:

"Genesis -- Tony Banks, Phil Collins and Mike Rutherford -- returned after 15 years with one of 2007's most successful tours. After a series of brilliant stadium performances across Europe, the tour ended with a spellbinding grand finale in Rome as the band performed in front of 500,000 fans who filled the historic Circo Massimo for this free, open-air concert. Legendary director David Mallet captured the entire 2 hour and 36 minute spectacle with multiple cameras for WHEN IN ROME 2007"...

...The stunning stage production for the Turn It On Again tour included the largest screen ever used at a concert, spanning nearly 210 feet. The set was designed by world famous Mark Fisher and the spectacular lighting show, the work of genius Patrick Woodroffe.

Then there's a few little trailers for it:
3 minute trailer: Quicktime, Windows Media Player
Comedy teaser: Quicktime, Windows Media Player
Music teaser: Quicktime, Windows Media Player

Then a couple of performance clips too:
Turn It On Again: Quicktime, Windows Media Player
Land of Confusion: Quicktime, Windows Media Player
Carpet Crawlers: Quicktime, Windows Media Player

The showing coincides with the release of the concert on DVD which comes in a three disc box set including the entire concert, photo galleries, deleted scenes and photographic reproductions of tour programs. Each track on the first two discs gives the viewer access to visual extras relating to each song on the DVD, and on the third disc the nearly two-hour documentary, Come Rain Or Shine offers an unusually frank and humorous look into the dynamics of life on the road and the mechanics, decisions and presentation of a legendary band on tour for the first time in 15 years. The film charts the band's epic journey, including the very first meeting of the band at a rehearsal studio in New York in September 2006, planning the tour, capturing the real personalities behind Genesis and the pitfalls of planning of a multi-million dollar production.

That promises to be some DVD and it's a great chance to catch the show at the cinema , here's the list of venues, so if you're a fan, get yourself over there:

State - City - Theater
AL - Birmingham - Summit 16
AL - Mobile - Wynnsong 16
AZ - Surprise - UltraStar Sunrise Pointe 14
CA - Berkeley - Rialto Cinemas Elmwood
CA - Los Angeles - The Bridge
CA - San Diego - UltraStar Mission Valley
CA - San Francisco - Opera Plaza Cinema
CA - Apple Valley - UltraStar Apple Valley 14
CO - Denver - Chez Artiste Theatre
GA - Atlanta - Midtown Art Cinema
IA - Johnston - Wynnsong 16
IL - Chicago - City North 14
IL - Naperville - ShowPlace 16
IL - Niles - ShowPlace 12
IL - Skokie - Kerasotes Village Crossing 18
IN - Evansville - Showplace Cinema East 18
IN - Indianapolis - Kerasotes Showplace 16
IN - Schereville - Kerasotes Showplace 12
MA - Cambridge - Kendall Square Cinema
MI - Birch Run - Cinema Hollywood
MI - Grand Rapids - Celebration Cinemas Rivertown
MI - Portage - Celebration Cinemas Crossroads
MI - Lansing - Celebration Cinemas Lansing
MI - Muskegon - Cinema Carousel
MI - Novi - Emagine Novi
MI - Canton - Emagine Canton
MN - Coon Rapids - ShowPlace 16
MN - Inver Grove Heights - Showplace 16
NC - Asheville - Carmike 10
NC - Raleigh - Carmike 15
NJ - Hackettstown - Manssfield 14
NJ - Parsippany - Parsippany Cinema 12
NY - Port Washington - Soundview Cinemas
NY - New York - 62nd & Broadway
NY - Yorktown Heights - Jefferson Valley Mall 8
PA - Bala Cynwyd - Bala Theatre
PA - Dickson City - Endless Mountains Theatre
PA - Meadville - The Movies At Meadville
PA - Pittsburgh - Carmike 10
TN - Franklin - Thoroughbred 20
TX - Houston - River Oaks Theatre
TX - El Paso - Carmike 16
VA - Roanoke - Carmike 10
VA - Midlothian - Carmike 10
WA - Seattle - Metro Cinemas

Finally I'll drop you in the DVD track listing, and hope that satisfies even the most eager Genesis fan.

DISC 1 (Duration 1:19:22)
1. (Dukes Intro)
2. "Turn It On Again"
3. "No Son Of Mine"
4. "Land Of Confusion"
5. In The Cage Medley
"In The Cage"
"Cinema Show" (excerpt)
"Dukes Travels" (excerpt)
6. "Afterglow"
7. "Hold On My Heart"
8. "Home By The Sea"
9. "Follow You Follow Me"
10. "Firth Of Fifth" (excerpt)
11. "I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)"
EXTRAS (Duration 33:57)
12. How Does Duke's End End?
13. We're Gonna Take It Up A Bit
14. Plugged In. Turned On. On the Edge
15. Minimal Confusion
16. Tony Changed His Mind
17. We Need More Lights
18. Counting The Bars To 'Heart'
19. Working On Home
20. Mike Wants Phil's 'Feel' On Drums
21. From 'G' To 'G' On 'Firth'
22. Time To Dance
Tour Program Gallery

DISC 2 (Duration 1:17:49)
1. "Mama"
2. "Ripples"
3. "Throwing It All Away"
4. "Domino"
5. "Conversations With 2 Stools"
6. "Los Endos"
7. "Tonight Tonight Tonight" (excerpt)
8. "Invisible Touch"
9. "I Can't Dance"
10. "Carpet Crawlers"

EXTRAS (Duration 38:42)
11. Bring The Pitch Down Like Elton
12. 'Acoustic' Ripples
13. 'Throwing It All' Down
14. Tony Talks About His Inspiration
15. The Drum Duet
16. Not A Period Piece
17. Invisible Key
18. Phil, Tony & Mike, And Phil & Mike
19. Singing Along
Photo Gallery
Deleted Scenes

DISC 3 (Duration 1:50:18)
Documentary - "Come Rain Or Shine"

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