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Gone Baby Gone clips and Q&A

GoneBabyGone.jpgGone Baby Gone is finally being released in UK cinemas this weekend, barring anything happening in the news, and so we finally get to see the film that is being hailed as Ben Affleck's finest moment and showing that he has a lot more to offer behind the camera.

The film follows a pair of detectives who are asked by a local family to investigate the disappearance of their daughter when everyone, including the police, have given up. As they dig deeper into the case they come up against more than they could have imagined and everyone seems to want them to give it up.

I've got four clips from the film as well as a couple of interviews from the Affleck brothers. I've also thrown in the trailer in various sizes and formats for you too.

Here are the interviews with Ben Affleck and Casey Affleck.

Clips from Gone Baby Gone
How Much?
I'm Gonna Bring Her Home
Murder's A Sin
Ben Affleck behind the camera watching Morgan Freeman in action

Here's the trailer for Gone Baby Gone in various formats and sizes:

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