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Gremlins sequel?

Gremlin-Photocopier.jpgThe Gremlins are back, although only on the small screen. This isn't perhaps the outing that fans of the Gremlins film would be wanting, but it is a reminder that they're around and it also might act as a little nudge to Hollywood to remember just how funny and entertaining these characters are.

There's a new television advert on British telly and apart from being pretty funny, it marks the return of those little critters...oh no, the Critters are something else.

The Gremlins have been hired alongside the nicer, human and intelligent face of the television programme Dragon's Den Peter Jones for a new British Telecom advert, and you can watch it right here:

I love that advert, and I love the shot of the Gremlin photocopying his bum and the others looking bemused at the prints, as well as the dancing on the keyboard - he's so proud when he finishes.

It's a bit of fun, and this is a nice free advert for BT - hope you're reading this! - but it is a reminder of just how fun the Gremlins are on screen, and this is under two minutes of them. I want to see them back in a feature film, what about you?



Another Gremlins movie?

Sure, the next film could answer the big unanswered question, how is the "Don't Feed Them After Midnight" rule affected by Time Zones and Daylight Saving Hours?

Seriously I loved those films (especially the first one) as well as a few more of Joe Dante's early movies. His career has gone off the rails but his new movie "Bat Out of Hell" sounds a little Gremlinish...


Could be very similar, but I still want to see those Gremlins back in something more than an advert.

That's a good point though, Mogwais/Gremlins on long haul flight could be a disaster. Sounds like a film title!


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