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Guy Ritchie directing Sherlock Holmes

GuyRitchie.jpgOf anyone that would be taken on to clean up the script and direct a film that would kick new life into the story of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson I would never have thought it be the London gangster film writer/director Guy Ritchie. However according to news today it is.

Guy Ritchie directing Warner Bros. attempt to restart the Sherlock Holmes franchise and give it new life with today's audiences. Now there's something I didn't see coming.

The idea of the film is being kept quiet at the moment but Variety do have a few little titbits for us about the direction of the characters.

[Lionel] Wigram's [one of the producers] noted that the new Holmes would be more adventuresome and take advantage of his skills as a boxer and swordsman...

So a bit more fighting for Holmes, well that could be Guy Ritchie's thing, but honestly this decision has totally blindsided me. What it does say though is that his next film better be damn good or we're going to see a complete hash made of the Holmes character.

Here's to RocknRolla, which I think is going to be just like the rest of his films, London gangsters fighting each other. Let's hope there's some originality in it as with Revolver but that it's more understandable and accessible.

However it's still billed as a gangster film. I wonder if Holmes is going to prove too wiley and elusive a character for him to capture, after all there's subtlety and intelligence throughout the stories.

I wish he hadn't taken this on frankly, I'd rather see him leap forward to his Gamekeeper project and leave Holmes to another director, there's been talk of Kevin Macdonald and Neil Marshall on this in the past.



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