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Gyllenhaal's Moon project has new writer

JakeGyllenhaal.jpgJake Gyllenhaal has been attached to star in Doug Liman's untitled moon project for a while now. Getting a script together has been proving more than a little difficult though, until now that is.

Dan Mazeau has been hired to write a fresh draft of the script, about which not much is known. It does involve the moon, and a race to colonise it we think.

Doug Liman had already written a script along with John Hamburg, and then Black Hawk Down author Mark Bowden gave it the once over. Now The Hollywood Reporter, through Coming Soon, say Dan Mazeau has been brought in to give his take on the original script. Mazeau has most recently been working on a script for a potential live action Johnny Quest film.

Only rough details for the plot are known, and that involves a private expedition to the moon and a race to colonise it. The fact that it's an original script is actually quite refreshing, given the trend for remakes at the moment. So the time it's taking might actually be a good thing. Plus the last Liman film I saw was Jumper, which was visually awesome. This one could turn out to be something special, what do you think?



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