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Hancock commercials reveal plot?

Hancock.jpgThere are two television adverts/commericals for Hancock online, and while one presents the lighter comic film and gives us nothing new, the other presents a darker, tougher film and gives away some seriously big plot spoilers.

I have both teasers right here for you and I honestly don't know what to think of the film now. Peter Berg directing Will Smith, Charlize Theron and Jason Bateman sound great, and the trailer had an interesting take on the superhero story, although I did wish it was a little stronger. Perhaps it will be after all.

This first one is the light hearted give away nothing teaser, and this looks pretty light as we've seen most of the material so far.

However this other one, also through Comic Book Movie, tells a different story. It's darker and much, much tougher, and be warned it tells us some things that we've never seen before, things that could be regarded as huge plot killers.

Now early on in filming we saw some potential spoiler images, and combining them with this new teaser does suggest that there might be something more to the film than the lighter plot we've heard so far - the PR guy who the alcholic, reluctant superhero saves tries to return the favour by building his image back up, and at the same time the superhero grows closer to his wife.

Well even that last bit seems a little away from the light hearted trailers we've seen so far. Is the marketing trying to spin the film a different way?

Regardless of that, let's get onto those spoilers, so leave the article now if you don't want to know any more...Right, gone? Okay let me go on.

The early pictures showed us Charlize Theron's character lifting a car, and in the second teaser we hear that Hancock has to leave, that he's losing his powers, and there's the emphasis on that I'm all alone line. Now I'm wondering how this could play out, and I'm not so sure we're going to see Theron's character have powers, or maybe he isn't alone and she is a superhero. Oh I'm not sure anymore.

Rather than dish out spoilers that Hancock teaser has confused me even more. What about you? Have you any idea what way the film is going?



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