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Herzog answers Bad Lieutenant critics

WernerHerzog.jpgNot long ago we heard of Werner Herzog's planned remake of Bad Lieutenant. He has Nicolas Cage playing the role originally played by Harvey Keitel in the Abel Ferrara's version.

However, following Ferrara's response to the news, Herzog has been setting everyone straight. And that's including the guy who made the first film, could a smackdown be brewing?

It was just under a month ago when we heard Nicolas Cage would be starring in a remake of Bad Lieutenant, with Werner Herzog directing. Apprarently Abel Ferrara commented on the planned remake of his film at Cannes, I didn't see these comments at the time, but they went something like this:

...I wish these people die in hell. I hope they’re all in the same streetcar, and it blows up

Wow, okay. So he's not a fan then, he also hinted that people shouldn't count on the remake being made. As if he had some grand plan to put a stop to it. Now Defamer through Cinematical has been speaking to Herzog, and asked him about the remake:

Its not a remake. It's like, for example, you wouldn't call a new James Bond movie a remake of the previous one — although the name of the bad lieutenant is a different one, and the story is completely different.

And on Abel Ferrara's comments he would only say:

Wonderful, yes! Let him fight! He thinks I'm doing a remake....No. I have no idea who Abel Ferrara is. But let him fight the windmills, like Don Quixote.

Alright then. So it's not a remake, or is it? Is it a sequel, or my favorite a reimagining? I still have no idea. It all sounds a bit like handbags at dawn to me though. Calm down chaps. I not sure if I'm looking forward to this one, what about you?



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