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Hulk interviews - Norton, Tyler, Leterrier

EdNorton.jpgThere are a couple of interviews on line with Louis Leterrier, Edward Norton and Liv Tyler on the upcoming The Incredible Hulk. They field questions from fans as well as asking each other some questions.

While for the most part it's pretty harmless and unexciting, at some point they all refer to Edward Norton as writing the film, something that he's not being credited for any longer.

Some of these questions are totally missed opportunities as we don't hear anything about the previous Hulk, much about the television series influence, and so many other things we would love to have heard. However what it does show is that Edward Norton would love to bring the Wolverine versus Hulk idea to the big screen and do something a lot more gritty.

We also hear from Louis Leterrier that they really are focused on the fact that despite Hulk and Banner battling each other for their existance, they also have to keep each other alive. An interesting relationship to explore on screen.

Could we be seeing the signs of Norton and Leterrier keen to make a sequel to The Incredible Hulk? Here are the interviews, see if there's anything interesting you can grab from them.

They come from Moviefone through Jo Blo. I've tried to embed them below but I have a strange feeling they aren't working.



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