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Inglorious Bastards will be two films

QuentinTarantino.jpgQuentin Tarantino has long been planning Inglorious Bastards, and at Cannes confirmed that it would be his next project. Now the film that's based on Enzo Castellari's original has grown wings, and it will be turned into two separate films.

He's also been talking about his casting method for this film, being different to how he's done it previously. Wow, two films. Double the action, could be great.

Quentin Tarantino was talking in an interview with Enzo Castellari, who made the original film that Inglorious Bastards is based on. It's intended to be part of a DVD release of Castellari's film. Through AICN we have some of the details of what they talked about.

Castellari's original film is set in World War II, and sees a group of American soldiers on their way to a military prison. Their convoy is hit by a German artillery attack and four of the criminals escape. Originally heading for Switzerland, they end up volunteering for a daring mission against the Nazis.

Tarantino has been writing constantly for his version of the film. According to AICN he's written so much that he can't fit it into one film, so we are getting two films. Seems Tarantino has done so much research on World War II, and films about it, that we are headed for a Kill Bill style split. There were rumours of the script being in three parts, and therefore three films, we're headed for two though.

On the casting front everyone from Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone to Tim Roth has been mentioned. This time though Tarantino isn't writing a character with a specific actor in mind. He's decided to write the characters as a whole, and then find an actor who can make it come to life.

I knew he wrote some film characters with someone already in mind, but I didn't realise he did it consistently. Not this time though. The split into two films could go either way I guess, nothing worse than a film which has been butchered so it's the right length. I can't think of many World War II films that have had that treatment though. The original plot doesn't sound like enough for two separate films, wonder what Tarantino is adding? What do you think, are two Inglorious Bastards films better than one?



I was interested in this when there was talk of Willis, Stallone and Schwazenegger starring in it.

Yeah, this film will be made in the casting I think.

I'm also a bit dubious as to if he's getting two films made rather than he wants to make two films. I thought he was still in scripting and there were no studio deals yet.


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