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James Brown film struggling

SpikeLee.jpgSpike Lee is apparently struggling to find the funds to make three biographical films which are already scripted about famous singers Jackie Robinson, Joe Louis, and the legendary soul singer James Brown. He says that there just doesn't seem to be enough interest, and again goes on the usual offensive.

Not only does he attack the studios for not making anything, but he says it's down to either money or them thinking there's not a market for them, and I could see the latter point for all of them bar James Brown.

I'm surprised that the James Brown film hasn't been picked up to be honest, and I don't really believe that the studios think that it wouldn't have an audience. According to Spike Lee himself there may be a little more to it, queue the outspoken director once again:

"I have a black-biopic, no-money trilogy: Jackie Robinson. Joe Louis and James Brown. Those are three films I have scripts for and am trying to get done but have been unsuccessful so far. They (studio bosses) don't think there's a market for it, they're not interested. Or they think it costs too much. So that's one of those reasons why studios don't make anything."

The Spike Lee comment comes from MTV through WENN and Starpulse News Blog, and on the back of his Clint Eastwood rants, which kind of backfired on him, is beginning to sound a little like clutching at straws. Indeed perhaps a little paranoid.

Looking at the names there I can see that the only really big film out of the three names is James Brown, I could definitely see some mileage in a film there, however I don't really know if the others commanded the same popularity or the same turbulent life to command a complete film about them.

Regardless, it's not the script or anyone involved, it's the fact that the studios don't want to make films, don't think there's an audience, and Lee implies that it's colour related. Well let's gauge some interest, would you be interested in a film about any of these singers?



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