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Jason Bourne 4 in 2010?

MattDamon.jpgThe on again off again saga of the fourth Jason Bourne film is currently on. Matt Damon had originally said there wouldn't be another, but the producers seem to think it's happening.

I'd watch another Jason Bourne film, if they could calm down on the shaky cam stuff though that would be helpful.

Last year Matt Damon said he was done with the Bourne franchise, and that they had done all they can with it. But rumours of a fourth never really went away, and it seemed that a fourth had been agreed with both Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass. But there was no word of a script for the film.

Now IESB have caught up with two of the producers Frank Marshall and Tom Crowley , and they say it is on, and should be with us in 2010. They also told us what the inspiration for the script will be.

Absolutely. Hopefully we will be shooting next summer for release in 2010. There was a fourth book written, but it was not by Mr. Ludlum. So we're probably going to take our own direction and we're working on what that storyline's gonna be right now."

The fourth could also see Jason Bourne in South America next time. And it sounds like they are going to write an original script, rather than base it on the fourth book not written by Robert Ludlum. Are you interested in another Bourne film, with Damon and Greengrass? Wonder if they can write a script that lives up to the material provided by Robert Ludlum?



Don't get me wrong, I like the Bourne films but they are overrated (bit like Damon really) and I think they should honestly leave it at three films. The only reason why they would do a fourth is because the third film made a lot of money.

I'd definetley see it. Bourne films are some of my favorite films. There doing there own story line but the previous 3 bourne's aren't really like the books at all. Especiall the 2nd and 3rd there completly different

So you think it'll work with a completely new story? I hadn't realised that the books were so different to the films.

I remember Simone I think saying they were really different. I suppose that could mean that the fact the film isn't based on a Ludlum book may not matter.

I've always preferred the first for some reason, but that goes for a lot of trilogies, or whatever you call one with four.

i'm a fan of the bourne series and i really hope they make a 4th.. as long as the make a good job of it ofc.. 4 films/books quadrillogy i think :P

I also love the borune franchise including the books, the plot of the films is similar with books its just the films have been tweeked to fit hollywod, such as been chased and hunted by his own coutry in the first film and first book and his wife been killed in the second film and kidnapped in the second book, they all follow the plot very loosley and i feel the franchise is so better than all the oter types of films in its genre such as james bond and MI it should stay! why not!

i'm like bourne character, this is type film that i mostly wants,i'm waiting for the fourth episode, i cannot wait to see the adventure

omg bourne films are the best dont ever say they are a waste of money...they are way better than james bond....who agrees?

seroiusly. u think matt's overrated, sort it out! he's a very successful actor, so too are the bourne films. BRING ON THE 4TH! and i totally agreee that they are better than the bond films. what bourne does is not OTT, witht the right training it could be possible to perfect his character. whereas the bond films are just way OTT.

I don't think the they should really make a number 4, I think we discovered how things began in number 3, but if they make a 4 I'll watch it as I really enjoyed all 3 and I watch them over again.. I read a lot of books and it's going to be the same with Patricia Cornwell books aka Dr Kay Scarpetta Novels( Angelina Jolie) they are gonna make a film about the book series they are 18 books so far I reckon they are gonna cram all 18 books into a trilogy like the Bourne ( i know there wern't 18 bourne tho)... The problem is I don't want the 4th to be a flop it would be a shame and a let down to fans .... thats enough from me.......

Bourne movies are a must watch for me. The only movie, I must watch in the cinema and have a copy at home when it comes out on DVD. I love the Jason Bourne character and the fights are too fast to comprehend. The sound effects are amazing. Lovely trio. But with us knowing what happens at the beginning, what could possibly be in the fourth. But will sure be at the cinema 2010 to find out. Matt is a brilliant actor.


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